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Rat Electronics Hot Rod Valve Special 5 watt valve amplifier with a single 8″ Celestion Super 8 speaker and powered by 1 12Ax7 and 1 EL84.Features 3 variable bias settings, each with different tonal characteristics, a 3 position gain switch, drive, tone and master volume controls, a “power scale” attenuator which allows the amp’s overall output to be changed, giving it that “fully cranked” sound even at low volumes, and finally a triode/pentode switch for further tonal texturing possibilities. It really is not that hard to do but I just dont have the time to do it myself. I went with the 36 watt EF86. This is basically an 18 watter with 2 additional EL84 power tubes and an added EF86 in the second channel to sound VOX like. So on channel one there is the classic Marshall tone with 4 EL84 and 3 12AX7 and a tube rect. Parts for Amplifiers. Get it back in shape! Remake of the MULLARD 12AX7 / ECC83 (Russia) more. Close menu.The Radial Firefly is a high output tube direct box designed for stage and studio. It combines Radial's award winning zero negative feedback class-A front end with the warmth and character of a 12AX7 tube drive circuit and Radial's legendary transformer coupled output.